The Harry Potter Saga

The Harry Potter Saga

The Harry Potter Saga

It is very difficult to write a book (leave seven) which revolve around witches, wizards and dragons and not bore your reader’s pants off. Author J. K. Rowling does something amazing with the world of Hogwarts – a fantasy novel that reads like a gripping suspense filled mystery.

Quick Review :

Book/Series Harry Potter Series
Author J K Rowling
Year 1997 – 2007
Genre Fantasy, Fiction, Children, Supernatural
Storyline A young orphaned boy Harry Potter discovers that he is a wizard on his 11th Birthday. The books follow his journey through the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and brings him face to face with his destiny
  • Strong plots weaved across the seven books
  • Brilliant characterization especially the dynamics between the trio – Harry, Ron & Hermione
  • Compelling narrative that make the novels ultimate page turners
  • Creation of an entirely new magical world one longs to be a part of.
Peeves (I am a Potter fan to the core so it was/is extremely hard for me to judge it objectively. But still)

  • Extremely unsympathetic villains and overtly moral heroes.
  • Brevity of the aftermath of THE WAR
Special Mentions Brought the spark of magic back into the world of children ( I know I am a fanatic)
Number of Re-reads Lost count 😉
My Recommendation This book set transcends the age barrier and is sure to suck you into the world of Experlliarmus, Floo Powder & Quidditch, Give it a shot.
Rating 5/5

Rowling’s prose evolves with her protagonist and audience age. The first two books in particular are very simple and are direct without a lot of complications. This progressively becomes darker and more complex, as the story progresses. The writing in general is pretty Rowling-like (I can say now) and keeps moving forward. Her vivid descriptions paint a bright picture in the mind of the reader without it being too overwhelming. Every time she introduces a new character or a background story, it seamlessly merges with the mainline. Her style makes you want to go “Just one more chapter”

The characterization of all in particular the lead trio is phenomenal and the chemistry between them is surreal. It is very real, down to earth and makes the reader “see” the conversation happening. It is difficult to not fall in love with the humor and antics of the Weasley twins or shudder at the hatred that Snape showcases towards Harry.

One thing that always bothered me was just how evil the villains were – with absolutely no redeeming qualities. Voldemort is not a tragic villain – he is just evil, pure evil. Also, all the Slytherin characters have been made out as petty, scheming and vengeful (except Snape, Slughorn). Likewise, the over morality of the good guys who can simply do no wrong is hard to digest but hey, these are books meant for kids. (I love(d) them!)

On a final note, the Potter series is probably not high literature but is the best series for children in the last few decades. To The Boy Who Lived and shall live forever.

Which is your favorite Harry Potter book then?


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