We Are Pirates

Mega-bestselling author Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) gives us his long-awaited and most ambitious novel yet: a dark, rollicking, stunningly entertaining human comedy.

We Are Pirates Ahoy!

We Are Pirates Ahoy!

Quick Review :

Book/Series  We Are Pirates
Author  Daniel Handler
Year  2015
Genre  Fiction, Adult, Humor, Contemporary
Storyline The plot highlights the struggle of human life to break the boundaries defined by the mundane day-to-day life. Also, it is about a teenage girl, who with a ragtag crew terrorizes the SFO bay while her hapless father tries to bring her home.
  • Witty anachronisms throughout the book
  • Compelling style of writing
  • Expression of struggle & the ache to break free is brilliant
  • The plot falls flat in the middle and has a rather hurried end.
  • Characterization is stagnant; they don’t seem to grow with the book.
Special Mentions
  • Puns
  • The book has the tendency to make you feel the opposite of the what the situation warrants.
Number of Re-reads  Maybe one more time?
My Recommendation  A definite roller coaster ride
Rating  3/5

This is my first Daniel Handler book. (I admit, I have not read Lemony Snicket). The reason why I picked up this book in the first place was because of the cover art. The tiny pirate flag looming over the bold letters catches the eye. Have you ever picked up books because of the cover art? 🙂

Anyways, coming to the book, the journey was a roller coaster ride for me – loved it and hated it. The writing is compelling to say the least. It is a crazy chaotic ride where the lead characters try to realize their dreams and deal with their mundane lives. Initially the book plows on like a typical teen angst ridden daughter and the family struggling to cope. Suddenly things escalate and the plot takes a dark weird twist!

The rebellious teenager Gwen “escapes”‘ from home along with her best friend, an Alzheimer’s patient and a hospital friendly. The escapade is heavily inspired by the several pirate books that Gwen reads to the old guy. Branding themselves as pirates, the group sets about to “terrorize” the SFO bay and commit actual acts of piracy – looting, threatening and yes killing as well.

As a plot, the book falls apart in the middle with a hurried and complicated narration. The characters do not seem to grow as the book progresses and i felt that the ending could have been more emphatic. The only saving grace is the bunch of witty one liners strewn about the book.

After a long time, a book made me laugh and left me annoyed. His writing style does seem impressive. So any other suggestions?



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